Winners 2022

Grand Prize Winner

Justin Gammon (Greenville, USA) – both of his gifs received identical and the highest scores from the jury:

1. Source material: Mother Hubbard’s dog reading a newspaper | Jessie Willcox Smith |
The New York Public Library Digital Collections| DPLA 

2. Source material: The dance of death at Basel: death and the bishop |
Wellcome Collection | Europeana 

2 Runners-up

Bernadetta Pastuszka (Cracow, Poland)
Source material: Evolution of household articles, animals | Fr. Schmidt |
Wellcome Collection | Europeana 

Irene Maseda (Madrid, Spain)
Source material: Breve methodo de mandar los cavallos, y traerlos a la más justa obediencia | Antoine de Pluvinel, José Andrade | Virtual Library of the Ministry of Defense | Europeana 

2 First-time GIF-makers

Daniel Carranza (Montevideo, Urugauy)
Source materialDirigible Graf Zeppelin | Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo

Tatiana Santiago (Spain)
Source material: Henri II, King of France | Francois Clouet |
Tokyo Fuji Art Museum | Japan Search

Children and Teenagers Category Winner

Leons Skudrītis (Liepaja, Latvia), age 17
Source material: The Lamentation of Christ | Gerard David |
Mauritshuis | Europeana 

People’s Choice Award Winner

Giancarlo Grasso (Bari, Italy)
Source material: Servizio fotografico Bologna, 1982 | Monti, Paolo |
Fondazione Biblioteca Europea di Informazione e Cultura | Europeana 

Nature Category Winner

Irene Maseda (Madrid, Spain)
Source material: 1. Ajolote macho abierto por el vientre; 2. Ajolote |
José Guío y Sánchez | Virtual Library of the Ministry of Defense;
3. Plate 14, Bourgery and Jacob, Iconografia d’anatomia | Wellcome Collection;
4. Die chirurgische Entfernung des Katarakts | Heidelberg University Library 
via Europeana 

Crafts Category Winner

Bernadetta Pastuszka (Cracow, Poland)
Source material: 1. Girl with a Pearl Earring | Johannes Vermeer | Mauritshuis;
2. Cloth; 3. Women’s Layout; 4. Silver earrings | Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen
via Europeana 

Congratulations to the winners – you will be contacted about the prizes via email. And huge thanks to all the participants! Hope to see you again next year.