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Ayshia Taskin (Scotland)
Seated Nude| Ladislav Treskoň | Slovak National Gallery | Europeana
Ayshia Taskin (Scotland)
Antony Cass| William Robinson | Wellcome Collection | Europeana
Matheus Castro (Carapicuíba, Brazil)
Lumière-autokrom| E.D Schött | Tekniska museet | Europeana
Claudia Popescu (Brasov, Romania)
Au Cirque| Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec | Statens Museum for Kunst | Europeana
Claudia Fotache (Bucharest, Romania)
Girl Eating Oysters| Mauritshuis | Europeana
Мариета Дечевска (България, София)
Elza Zīverte (Liepāja, Latvija)
Judith and Holofernes| Rijksmuseum | Europeana
Elza Zīverte (Liepāja, Latvija)
Toki (Japanese Crested Ibis)| National Diet Library Digital Collections | Japan Search
Viljams Džefersons Brics (Liepāja, Latvia)
Jenny Lind| Louis Asher | Nationalmuseum, Sweden | Europeana
Jekaterina Jevdokimova (Liepāja, Latvija)
Geese and Ducks| Melchior d' Hondecoeter | Mauritshuis | Europeana
Nick Cave (Birmingham, England)
1.Skull Mask, Bhutan; 2.A dental scene; presented by five demons; 3.Mask; 4.Mask; 5. Kana Sanniya | Wellcome Collection (1&2); Etnografiska mu
Artur Mirabet (Barcelona, Spain)
1. Nordlysforskning - atom; 2. Neuroglia of the grey central region; 3. Great nebula M31 Andromeda 4. Three Unit Space Station Concept | Norsk Teknisk Museum (1);Wellcome Collection(2&3); Photo Library
Andrea Ullrich (Hildburghausen, Germany)
Landscape with Salmacis and Hermaphroditus| Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée | Mauritshuis, Netherlands | Europeana
Andrea Ullrich (Hildburghausen, Germany)
Study of Two Brazilian Tortoises| Albert Eckhout | Mauritshuis, Netherlands | Europeana
Maria Giannitsi (Patras, Greece)
Finally, summer | Polygoon-Profilti (producer) | Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Netherlands | Europeana
Henriette Roued-Cunliffe (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Flowers on the Windowsill| Carl Larsson | Nationalmuseum, Sweden | Europeana
Nick Cave (Birmingham, England)
A woman suffering the pain of cholic| Frederick Marryat | Wellcome Collection via Europeana
Dave Sutton (UK)
De Luxe Sunflower label | Covina Heights Groves Inc | DPLA
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