Paul Butcher (Reading, United Kingdom)


Source material: Shinobugaoka no tsuki-Gyokuensai | Tsukioka Yoshitoshi | National Library of Romania via Europeana
Gyokuensai, a young samurai, goes to Shinobugaoka when he admires the flowering cherries, whose flowers are called yozakura. He is represented by avoiding a wind blade that shakes the petals. In the gif, the petals are animated, falling down past Gyokuensai. The frame of the original image is presented as a window, looking out on Gyokuensai, with the labels from the image appearing as though stuck to the window. Created using GIMP and Python. GIMP to manually separate the cherry blossom from the background and mask the labels. Python with Pillow and Numpy to roll the cherry blossom across the background image.